FA Summer Programs

SUMMER 2021!

Summer Enrichment Programs at Foxcroft Academy!

Want to experience Maine?    Want to experience cultural diversity?     Want to have fun? 

Foxcroft Academy will once again be hosting summer programs. We offer three and six-week Maine Excursion-based programs. Our programs invite students from all over the world to experience what the U.S. State of Maine has for opportunities. Rich in cultural integration and full of opportunities to immerse in American language, these are offered to both domestic and international students.  

From hiking the picturesque slopes of Borestone Mountain to enjoying the views of the Maine coast, students will get to see the natural beauty we call home. Canoeing, swimming, whitewater rafting, hiking, shopping, and much more await our students. If you have an interest in this kind of experience for the students you work with, I’d be glad to share more. Email Jason Tardy, Director of Admissions, jason.tardy@foxcroftacademy.org.

3 Week Program Dates: July 18th to August 7th. Cost: USD $4,500.00

6 Week Program Dates: June 26th to August 7th. Cost: USD $10,000.00


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