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Foxcroft Academy is committed to developing boarding students who demonstrate self-reliance, independence, and accountability while learning to appreciate diverse perspectives in a safe environment. Our boarding students are not only scholars; they are a member of a living and learning community. Lifelong friendships are formed, and the responsibility of everyday life is placed squarely on their shoulders. Students live in dorms, manage the use of their time, and are accountable for their actions. This combination of enjoyment and responsibility transforms boys and girls into young men and women prepared to handle the entirety of their university experience. Students learn to balance structured and unstructured time. They also get the priceless advantage of friendships based on time spent far beyond the classrooms and hallways of their academic experience.

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Foxcroft Academy’s residential program fosters a safe environment where students live with one another and learn how to conduct their lives best. The vast majority of students live on-campus in two extensive, modern facilities: Herd Hall and The Lodge. Herd Hall, which was completed in July 2009, houses six faculty families and up to 60 students. The Lodge, which houses 36 students and four faculty families, was completed in August 2012.  A small group of students also live in two smaller Honors Dorms across the street.

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There is always an abundance of fun and exciting opportunities for students to experience on the weekends. Whether it’s a shopping excursion to L.L. Bean in Freeport or a trip to some of Maine’s finest skiing areas, there is always something to do. For those who love the outdoors, the residence life program offers many unique experiences associated with northern Maine. Students will experience the Moosehead Lake Region, Baxter State Park, Acadia National park, and Mount Borestone, and there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, white water rafting, whale watching, biking, and rock climbing. FA also encourages students to attend at least a few cultural events each semester. Choices in town include several student-produced musical and theatrical performances at Dover-Foxcroft’s historic Center Theatre. Students might also choose to attend a performance at the Maine Center for the Arts at the University of Maine or residence life (web)attend a local Arcady Concert. During the longer school holidays–Thanksgiving, February, and April breaks–students have the opportunity to go on school-sponsored trips to places such as Portland, Boston, and New York. During Christmas vacation, the school closes down, and all dorms are closed. Most students during Christmas vacation travel home while some choose to stay with family members in other parts of the country.



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