Operation Extraordinary: Ms. Rublee’s English Class Boosts Student Self-confidence with Social Experiment (Video and Blogpost)

May 25, 2016

Earlier this spring, Ms. Morgan Rublee’s 21st Century Communication Class launched “Operation Extraordinary,” a social experiment aimed to change people’s opinions of themselves for the better. Watch a chronicle of the class’ experiment and positive impact above.

To learn more about the project, read junior Abbi Bourget’s explanatory blogpost below. Abbi is a member of Ms. Rublee’s 21st Century Communication Class and is involved in field hockey, basketball, and softball at Foxcroft Academy.

A few weeks ago, Ms. Rublee’s 21st Century Communications English class carried out a social experiment. The class performed random acts of kindness at Foxcroft Academy to try to help students and faculty feel better about themselves.

The project was based off of a Dove campaign which featured two doors–“Beautiful” and “Average.” Our project involved “Average” and “Extraordinary.”

Some of the acts of kindness students did included compliments inside of all of the students’ lockers. The students hand wrote over 500 compliments to put in lockers and hand out around the school.

Dylan Harmon-Weeks, a senior from Foxcroft Academy, got a note in his locker. His note read, “You’re #1.”

“It made me smile,” he said.

A few students from the class made fliers to go in the boys and girls bathrooms at Foxcroft Academy. These specific compliments on the fliers were directed toward the boys in their bathroom and the girls in theirs. For example, a flier in the boys room read “You’re a Stud,” and one flier in the girls read “Don’t Judge Yourself. You’re beautiful.”

The project culminated at that Friday’s assembly, where students from the class called out friends and peers at assembly and shared why the person they chose was extraordinary. After the touching compliments, an inspiring video from “Kid President” was shown.

“That assembly on Friday was powerful. I enjoyed hearing everyone receive compliments and the video ensured the importance in my head that everyone is great and no one should be treated otherwise,” said Harmon-Weeks.

After the assembly students had the option to walk through the “Extraordinary” door or the “Average” door. The point of this was to see what the students’ thought of themselves. It was interesting to see how many people went through which door. After seeing the results, students from the class interviewed some student that went through the Average door and the Extraordinary door.

Harmon-Weeks chose the Extraordinary door after Friday’s assembly. “I felt like everyone was going through the average door and I wanted to be different. I also tried to convince my friends to come through this door because I think they are extraordinary,” he said.

Rublee’s class did a week of planning before pulling off this creative experiment. A lot of work and time was done to pull of this project. During the process, Rublee recorded the students. A video was made and presented at a following assembly to show how many great things the 21st Century English class did.


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