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Foxcroft Academy takes pride in everything we do. Our grounds are pristine, the school building is always in great shape, and our students are prepared for the future when they leave.  One thing students need to have in order to succeed in the classroom is fuel.  Fuel for the body and mind.  That is where our food services department shines brightly.

Director of Food Services Rhonda Tyler and all of her staff work tirelessly making sure our students have the best food a school can offer.  All meals are prepared on site. All meals are nutritious and taste great.  From traditional hot lunch, pizza, fresh made sandwiches, salads, soups, snacks, and drinks, the FA Cafe has something for everyone.  Our menu is designed to be as accommodating as possible to a variety of dietary needs and/or preferences, but we will be happy to work with any participant to ensure a positive personal dining experience.

Here are lunch menus for the FA Cafe:

Cycle Menu wk 1 

Cycle Menu wk 2 

Daily Specials wk 1

Daily Specials wk 2

Daily Specials wk 3

Daily Specials wk 4

Daily Specials wk 5

Daily Specials wk 6

Daily Specials wk 7

Daily Specials wk 8





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