Libra Foundation Commits $2 Million Toward New Fieldhouse at Foxcroft Academy

June 22, 2018

Dover-Foxcroft, Maine – As part of its plans to encourage targeted growth in Piscataquis County, the Libra Foundation has made a lead commitment of $2 million to fund the addition of a fieldhouse at Foxcroft Academy.

Since receiving word of this commitment, Foxcroft Academy has accelerated work on plans for a fieldhouse that will impact overall student life, and be an asset to the greater Dover-Foxcroft area. Foxcroft Academy is committed to providing the best opportunities to its students, as well as being an engaged partner and resource to the community.

The project will increase space on campus for student activity, and provide dedicated space for sports including field hockey, soccer, wrestling, track baseball, and softball. There are also plans to coordinate community use.  

The Libra Foundation is committing the lead gift to the project, and the remaining project costs will be raised through philanthropic support.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us, and it will take help from alumni and friends near and far, but I believe the Foxcroft Academy community is ready to rally together and take on this challenge,” said Arnold Shorey, Foxcroft Academy Head of School.  “We envision this space as the next step for our school and community.”

“The Foxcroft Academy Board is committed to the work ahead, to make this facility a reality,” said Dr. Richard Swett, Chairman of the Board of Trustees .  “Because central Maine has a long winter, we feel that our students deserve this, but so does our town and the surrounding schools and communities. We are grateful to the Libra Foundation for their contribution.”

This comes after the Libra Foundation announced plans to construct, on its newly acquired adjacent property, a community ice arena which is being started over the summer months. Foxcroft Academy will aid by managing day-to-day operations of the ice arena.

“With the addition of a state-of-the-art ice arena and now a multipurpose fieldhouse, Piscataquis County will play a newly prominent role for families throughout the central Maine region,” said Jere Michelson, the President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Libra Foundation.  “We are pleased to generate this type of growth and new investment in an area so historically important to Maine and with a high quality of life.”

The fieldhouse will be an addition to the Foxcroft Academy campus.  Since the original building opened in 1952, the Foxcroft Academy physical plant has grown with a gymnasium (‘61), library and third floor addition (‘72), industrial technology buildings (‘74), an English and music wing (‘88), and the Fittig classroom and connector (‘15).  Numerous other projects have been completed over this time as well.

“We have a school and a learning community that sees value in all aspects of education,” said Shorey.  “This fieldhouse will add so much to that experience. We look forward to the day of completion, and the days of competition ahead.”