Deb Maynard

Deb Maynard plays alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and flute in her jazz combo, Little Big Band, and upright bass in her family band, Zevulon.  She studied music in high school before joining the U.S. Navy, taking a sabbatical to raise and educate her children, and coming back to music in 2004.  She has continued her music education at Aebersold Jazz camps, Jazz Vermont, Maine Fiddle Camp and Maine Jazz Camp.  Ms. Maynard has been a member of and performed with many concert and jazz bands, including Queen City Big Band and North Country Strings.  She came to Foxcroft Academy to study with Mr. Shane Ellis and now assists Mr. Guthrie in Jazz Band and offers clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, flute and double bass instruction and woodwind ensemble.

Ms. Maynard can be contacted at To hear her music clips, go to