Daniel Straine

Mr. Dan Straine started as a Special Education teacher at FA in 2011, providing direct instruction in Math and English. He has previously served as a Multimedia Arts Teacher for a non-profit in Vermont, managed and taught photography workshops in Vermont, worked as an Ed Tech at Orono HS, and student taught at both Old Town HS and Hampden Academy. He holds an AA in Photography (Brookdale Community College,) a BA in Journalism (Johnson State College) and a M.Ed in Special Education (University of Maine).

Mr. Straine, who attended middle school and most of high school at the American International School of Luxembourg, works part-time as a freelance writer and photographer for a host of regional clients. He enjoys soccer, baseball, gardening, fly fishing, camping, hunting, skiing, biking, and surfing, and he puts his love for the outdoors to use by organizing some exciting outdoor adventure trips for students at FA.

Email Mr. Straine at daniel.straine@foxcroftacademy.org