Foxcroft Academy Summer Art Camp Inspires Young Artists to Get Creative

July 2, 2019

During the week of June 24th, Foxcroft Academy hosted its summer art camp, the second of many to come throughout the summer. Over the course of the week, the campers expressed creativity using many different mediums of art. 

Campers texturing clay with flowers and leaves

The camp was led and directed by Martha Ladd, though sadly her partner, FA art teacher Jane Blay, was unable to attend this summer. However, Ladd still had plenty of help. Seniors Makenzie Pearl and Olivia Wesley were there to assist the campers, as well as new freshmen Aliza Pulkinen, Annie Raynes, Rachel Mullis, and Emma Ladd.

Textured ornaments for wind chimes

On their first day, campers began by learning about texture. They practiced texturing using clay, as the students created and decorated clay boxes and ornaments for wind chimes. Ladd had her students follow a summer and nature theme, so many of the clay sculptures had imprints of different leaves they had found outside. 

Throughout the rest of the week, campers were excited about making tye dye shirts, paper mache painted watermelon bowls, colorful sand art, painted tiles, among other projects. However, a favorite activity of the campers was decorating plain mugs with paint. Ladd said the mugs were popular among the campers because they knew they could take them home and use them. Another favorite, an activity that campers request to do each year, was making homemade glitter slime. The most challenging activity of the week, said Ladd, was the embroidery and sewing project. 

Campers displaying their work at the art show

On their last day, the campers held an art show in the FA art room to show off the pieces they had worked so diligently on days prior. Friends, family, and teachers gathered in the FA art room where students proudly showed their creations. The art show was a great way to wrap up the successful week of creativity and fun. 

For more pictures of the FA Art Camp, go to our Flickr Page.

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