Foxcroft Academy Hosts Technology Integration Conference for Educators

November 13, 2019

Dover-Foxcroft – On Monday, November 4th, over twenty educators from across the state converged on Foxcroft Academy, an Apple Distinguished School, to learn about and discuss best practices in educational technology integration, specifically with the use of iPads.

For nearly a decade, FA has had a one-to-one iPad program, in which every Foxcroft Academy student receives the device to use in and out of class.  This implementation of this program has helped FA earn the honor of being a three-time Apple Distinguished School, and has helped further the growth of students in the classroom and out into the world.

“With iPads, our students can show what they’ve learned in so many creative ways, and can capture evidence of their learning both within and beyond the classroom,” said Jon Pratt, Foxcroft Academy Assistant Head of School for Academics.

These educators were on campus to learn more about how Foxcroft Academy uses iPads with their new senior portfolio project.  The project, which is a new requirement to graduate, allows students to highlight some of their proudest moments while attending Foxcroft Academy and expects them to align it with each of the school’s five mission standards.  They put together a presentation using the iPad and show off their works in front of parents, peers, teachers, and administrators. Having the iPad allows for easy access to all that is needed.

“Not only does the portfolio give students choice and voice in a major assessment, but it also gives us important feedback on how we are bringing our mission to life, which allows us to continue to grow and improve as a school,” said Pratt.

Through innovative practices and experiences, Foxcroft Academy students are empowered to direct the path of their own learning as they collaborate with a faculty excited to work with individuals or small groups for independent study or enrichment.  

“We were the first school in Maine to offer one-to-one iPads to our students and our commitment to innovative learning has not wavered,” said Arnold Shorey, FA Head of School.  “Our teachers and students use these Apple devices as tools in the classroom of today, with the thought of what will be done tomorrow. We are happy to be able to work with other like-minded educators and have the chance to highlight a project that we are proud of.”

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