Foxcroft Academy Hosts Public Forum on Ice Arena Progress

January 17, 2019

Dover-Foxcroft – On Tuesday, January 15th, Foxcroft Academy welcomed the public to The Commons at Central Hall for an open forum on the progress of the Piscataquis County Ice Arena (PCIA). Over 50 community members were in attendance and had the opportunity to hear more about the facility and ask questions about the new venue.

“Our main goal of the meeting was to emphasize the fact that this building will provide opportunities for the region, not just Foxcroft Academy,” said Arnold Shorey, FA Head of School.  “The only way for the arena to be sustainable is by working together as a county and region. Tonight was a great start represented by the number of and the enthusiasm by the attendees.”

In addition to Shorey, Andrew Jacobs, Facilities Director for the PCIA, spoke on the progress of the building and answered questions about heating and other systems that will be used.  Lucas Butler, representing The Libra Foundation, talked about their continued commitment to the area and reiterate the importance that the region work together.

“Libra is dedicated to this new facility in Dover-Foxcroft and we will be here to watch it grow,” said Butler.  “This is just another part of what is helping put Piscataquis County back on the map.”

Over the coming months, more information will be released in regard to programming, events, and other opportunities the arena will provide.  The next steps are to form an advisory committee and to be ready to “hit the ice” this summer. The current plan is for the PCIA to open this summer.

“We gained a plethora of information at this meeting, and it shows that many in the local community have talents to share,” said Shorey.  “If we feed off their excitement and positive attitudes, we will have a lot to look forward to once the project is complete.”

If your local community or group would like more information on the Piscataquis County Ice Arena, email Arnold Shorey,

Special thanks to Patrick Myers, Executive Director of Center Theatre and The Commons, for the pictures of the event.