Even from afar, Foxcroft’s Morgan Rublee is in the classroom every day

September 30, 2021
Foxcroft English Teacher Morgan Rublee speaking at the 2021 FA Commencement Exercises

Dover-Foxcroft – If anything came out of the COVID-19 pandemic in the educational realm, it was the emergence of online or remote learning.  Like all other schools in the state, Foxcroft Academy needed to make the switch in March 2020, before coming back to school with a hybrid model last year.  Since then, it’s been back to the physical classroom this year for most teachers, except for one English instructor at Foxcroft Academy:  Ms. Morgan Rublee.

Rublee, English Department Head, moved to El Paso, Texas, after the conclusion of the 2021 school year, to be with her fiance, an active duty member of the United States Army.  She was ready to leave Foxcroft Academy after seven years of working with students of all levels.  However, with remote learning becoming a reality, the idea of allowing Ms. Rublee to continue teaching from 2,600 miles away wasn’t that far-fetched.

“Even though I knew I’d follow my fiance wherever the military moved him, the thought of leaving Foxcroft Academy broke my heart,” admits Rublee. “When I went into Mr. Shorey’s office to resign, he asked if I’d be interested in staying on as a remote teacher. I hadn’t considered that a possibility, but staying with the Herd was an easy choice.”

Ms. Morgan Rublee addresses the 2021 Foxcroft Academy Graduates

Rublee is no stranger to technology and trying new, innovative ideas in the classroom.  Even so, the idea of having a full-time remote teacher was not taken lightly, as students were told they would have to set aside time to connect with Ms. Rublee, as the class is taken asynchronously, meaning there are no set hours to meet.  It was a similar experience for several students when taking courses in the hybrid model during the 2020-21 school year.

“Morgan has been the respected Head of our English Department for several years,” said Arnold Shorey.  “I don’t like to lose quality teachers like her, so thinking outside the box, we came up with a solution that we all felt would work for both her and her students, especially after coming off a year of remote learning.  Ms. Rublee is an excellent teacher, both in-person and online learning, especially in engaging her students, and we are fortunate to offer this option as some students flourish with online learning.”

While not being in the classroom every day for Rublee has been an adjustment, she finds the silver lining in this new and innovative opportunity. 

“Not seeing my students face-to-face every day has been a difficult adjustment. While I miss the energy of being in the classroom, I’m so thankful for the opportunity to continue with Foxcroft Academy,” says Rublee. 

Rublee will be married in October and will head back to Texas, where she plans on living for the next couple of years, but luckily, she is never more than a Facetime call or Zoom session away.  This is another way Foxcroft Academy is using emerging technologies to its advantage. #rideonponies