Dean Smith: Class of 1986

Smith as a senior at FA

In addition to his many great athletic accomplishments at Foxcroft Academy (Athletic Hall of Fame: Class of 2011), Dean Smith was valedictorian, a First Place finisher in chemistry at the State Science Fair, a participant in Dirigo Boys State, and a member of the UMaine Pulp and Paper program. A series of academic scholarships enabled Dean to enter the Electrical Engineering program at UMaine’s College of Engineering free of charge.

Dean was a three-time Academic All-American at UMaine–which he graduated from with a 3.89 GPA–and was a recipient of the NCAA’s Walter Byers Award, given in recognition of the top male student-athlete in the nation. The “Dean Smith/Graduate M-Club Scholarship” is now given each year to the top-ranking male and female student-athlete at the University of Maine.

Dean worked as an electrical engineer at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, RI from 1991-1998, was the Director of Systems Engineering at the Sensor Research and Development Corporation in Orono from 1998-2005, and was a technology transfer specialist at the UMaine Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology from 2005-2007. Since 2007, he has  been the owner and Vice President for Engineering at Orono Spectral Solutions. His engineering responsibilities include management, coordination, research, development, and commercialization of detection technologies for chemical and biological sensing for the Department of Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Homeland Security, and commercial applications.

How did your time at FA contribute to your success later in life?

“There can be no question that Foxcroft Academy and the community therein has been and continues to be a contributor to the successes in my life. The preparation (educational, athletic, and personal) that I was provided during my time at FA gave me significant advantages over my peers in my pursuit of being the best student-athlete that I could be at the University of Maine.  In particular I need to point to my math and science instructors for imparting their knowledge – and more importantly their approach to forming successful study/research habits necessary for advanced learning. I am proud of FA and choose to live in this area so as to give my children access to the enhanced opportunities that FA provides.”

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