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Foxcroft Academy Athletic Trainer Jaclyn Tourtelotte has established this section in order to house important athletic forms and communicate timely educational information to parents and student athletes. Please check back regularly to stay apprised of important developments within the FA athletic program.

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On Thursday, August 9th, Foxcroft Academy’s Athletic Trainer, Jackie Tourtelotte, is hosting the 2018 FA Student Athlete Health Night.  The purpose of the evening is to talk about common issues that arise during the course of training and competition, that with knowledge, could be prevented.  Topic include: muscle cramping, ankle injuries and prevention, nutrition, and sleep.  The night is open to FA student-athletes, parents, coaches, and medical professionals.

For more information, contact Ms. Tourtelotte,

And a friendly reminder, fall sports begin on Monday, August 13th!  Ride on Ponies!


On August 10th,  Foxcroft Academy held their second annual Student Athlete Health Night.  It was a lot of information given out in a short amount of time.  Over the weeks, we will be highlighting some of the topics.  Our first topic is on concussions.  Here is the handout in PDF form to print out, Concussion Information for Parents.

One other big item, starting this fall, FA Sports Medicine will be using a new app, “Player’s Health”. Here is a video that helps explain how to log on and create an account for your student athlete.

Please check back for more information over the coming weeks!  Good luck as spring sports kick into high gear!  Ride on Ponies!

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