Athletic Hall of Fame

Kevin Nelson cuts down nets in 1975

Beginning in the summer of 2011, five committee members painstakingly researched the remarkable achievements of athletes throughout the illustrious history of Foxcroft Academy athletics. They knew the first class needed to be special and had to represent the Academy in a fitting manner. The hundreds of names the committee started with were eventually whittled down to eleven, resulting in the inaugural class of the Foxcroft Academy Athletic Hall of Fame.

Starting with the Class of 2012, Foxcroft Academy began accepting nominations for the Athletic Hall of Fame. Click on the link at the bottom of this page if you would like to nominate a former FA athlete for next year’s class. Nominees must have graduated from the Academy at least five years ago and should have distinguished themselves from their peers on the athletic fields during their time at FA.

Class of 2011:

Lloyd Blethen ’43

Roger Davis ’52

Arthur “Skip” Hanson ’62

Dave “Hawk” Anderson ’69

Kevin Nelson ’75

Dean Smith ’86

Stephanie Higgins Smith ’88

Kelly Dow Anderson ’97

Josh Pelletier ’06

Lap Lary

Gene Philpot

Class of 2012:

Susan Stitham ’61

Tom Zilinsky ’61

Bob White ’66

Rich McLeish ’79

Peter Ingraham ’80

Judy Champeon Forrest ’86

Laura Taylor Apitz ’87

Mike Ditzel ’94

Danny White ’03

Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2013Class of 2013:

Lou Stevens ’49

Virginia Appleby Robinson ’56

Bob Thomas ’64

Jenny Joyce Stuckey ’79

Lisa Robinson Richardson ’85

Jerod Rideout ’08

2014 Athletic Hall of Fame (smaller)Class of 2014:

Jack Anderson ’41

Cliff Wiley ’41

Gordon Engstrom ’64

Sue LaPoint Drowns ’93

Sarah Keenan Eluk ’97

Amy Kelley ’01

Brandon Hall ’04

Dr. Richard Swett

Class of 2015:

Glenice Haley Snyder ’52

Michael Crawford ’61

Michael Smith ’93

Trey Merrill ’03

Class of 2016:

Karen Blodgett Baker ’68

David Ingraham ’75

J.D. Merrill ’86

Tracy London Cushman ’92

Jennifer Michaud Finch ’94

Vanessa Lougee ’10

Class of 2017:

Jere White ’72

Joe Knapp ’82

George Murray ’82

C.J. Ewer ’98

Bo Kennedy ’98

Tamlyn Frederick ’05

Class of 2018:

Walt Beaulieu

Kevin Saunders ’74

Sunshine Weinrich Mechtenberg ’89

Tony Costigan ’90

Marleah Clark Bradeen ’09

Class of 2019:

Edward Craine ’43

Joe Champeon ’78

Michelle Merrill Langston ’95

Brian Bellemare ’00

Holli Nichols Leveille ’01

Camero Fadley ’13

Class of 2020:

Sue Herring Perkins ’71

Peter Chase ’79

Joel Doore ’84

Dana Frasz ’01

Donnie Boyer ’13

Class of 2021:

Decker Todd ’79

Sydney Mackey ’92

Josh Withee ’04

Ryan Rebar ’13

Julia Annis ’15

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