Financial Aid

financial aid (web)FA’s tuition rate is very competitive amongst New England boarding schools. We do provide some limited, need-based financial aid. February 1st is the deadline for all financial aid paperwork.

For US Residents:

* Request financial aid forms to be sent to you from the admission office or access the PFS form online at Please note that if your parents live in separate households, both parents must complete forms.

* Mail the PFS form to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid in Princeton, NJ. They will process the form and send an assessment directly to us. The Financial Aid Committee will accept a letter of request from any candidate wishing to apply in addition to a completed Financial Aid Application. The letter should explain in detail the reason financial aid is being requested. All financial aid information is kept in strict confidence.

The Financial Aid Committee will notify the accepted candidate within two weeks after receiving the letter of request. The candidate must make a decision on acceptance of the financial aid award within three weeks after notification.

Non-US Residents

*International students requesting financial aid must submit a letter of request to the admissions office for review by the Scholarship and Financial Aid committee.  The letter must include amount of aid being requested, as well as supporting financial documents to validate need-based aid.

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