Writing Center

In January of 2019, students from the Writing Center published the third volume of their literary journal, “Hobnail Boots.”  The student-curated publication includes short stories, essays, poetry, art, and photography created by members of the FA community.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is a service provided by trained Foxcroft Academy students to help anyone in the FA community to become a more confident writer. Our Writing Coaches are trained in a semester-long course that allows them to become proficient in writing and one-to-one tutoring.

The Writing Center is located on the third floor, next to IT. It is open periods 1AB, 2B, 3AB, 3AB, and 5AB.


The Writing Center aims to improve the culture of writing at Foxcroft Academy, thus contributing to the school’s overall mission and supporting the notion that “Knowledge is Power.” Our goal is to provide a safe environment for any student to request help and receive support related to all forms of writing at Foxcroft Academy. Writing Coaches will never judge, only guide, discuss, and build upon a peer’s writing. We hope to provide students with the skills needed to continue to build their personal writing abilities.

Have questions about the Writing Center? FAQ about the Writing Center.

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