Josh Guthrie and the FA band

Foxcroft Academy’s music program has blossomed under the tutelage of director Josh Guthrie, a multi-instrumentalist with a background in recording arts and live performance. Mr. Guthrie’s experience touring the country, recording on music row, and writing songs with hit songwriters lends itself to producing talented rock musicians, but his students excel in all aspects of music. In 2015, Foxcroft Academy produced twelve musicians selected for the District V High School Honors Festival; The FA Jazz Band, led by music director Josh Guthrie and assistant jazz band director Deb Maynard, earned the highest possible rating at the 2015 MMEA District Jazz Festival and qualified to compete at the state festival where they placed an impressive third; And the FA Marching Band’s audition tape was accepted by Walt Disney World, and they marched down Main Street at Walt Disney World on May 20.  

Foxcroft Academy’s music program, which benefits greatly from the expertise of six part-time instructors assisting Mr. Guthrie, now offers a total of 13 courses: Chorus, Band, Intro to Piano, Intro to Guitar, Guitar II, Rock Band, Jazz Band, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Improvisation II, Orchestra / Chamber Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and Select Choir. To learn more about the program and stay up to date with current happenings, visit the official Foxcroft Academy Music website.

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