Course Guide

Foxcroft Academy offers a challenging and diverse curriculum, including more than 150 courses, many Honors sections, 10 Advanced Placement courses, and International Baccalaureate. Our partnerships with online schools further diversify our offerings across all subject areas and levels of study, ensuring student access to courses of interest that meet their needs (including the full array of College Board approved AP offerings). The Academy’s curriculum fosters the development of clear and effective communication, creative and practical problem solving, self-directed and life-long learning, responsible and involved citizenship, and integrative and informed thinking.

Foxcroft Academy’s proficiency-based curriculum is implemented through best practices in teaching and assessment, influenced by state, national, and global-level subject-area professional organizations, and supported by resources such as our 1:1 iPad program. Foxcroft Academy graduates have a strong preparation for post-secondary success, based in four years of increasingly difficult work in the English Language Arts, a Social Studies program that requires significant depth and breadth of study, and Math and Science programs that focus on inquiry and application while offering significant opportunities for advanced study. Our world language program includes French, Latin and Spanish. In addition to traditional offerings, students may take courses in the performing arts including music and theater, visual arts including ceramics and digital photography, and technical education including woodworking and welding. Foxcroft Academy even offers a supportive ESL program for non-native English speakers.

For a complete list of courses, descriptions, pre-requisites, and diploma requirements, download our Foxcroft Academy Course Guide 2021-22

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