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In the fall of 2012, we asked alumni, community members, parents, and faculty (past and present) to nominate former FA students who demonstrated “success at Foxcroft Academy through academics and/or visual and performing arts, leading to notable accomplishments in a chosen career path.” The selection committee then drew from a large pool of candidates generated by these nominations, eventually selecting eight outstanding members for the inaugural class of the Foxcroft Academy Academic Hall of Fame. (Note: Students must have graduated at least five years ago to be eligible.)

The first induction ceremony was held on May 19, 2012, in the FA gymnasium. Because we aspire to connect great students of the present with those of the past, the ceremony was held in conjunction with the presentation of the Rose Awards to the Class of 2012’s outstanding scholars. This tradition was continued with the future classes and is still upheld to this day.

Class of 2012:

Dave Mallett ’69

Laurie Gagnon Lachance ’79

Dean Smith ’86

Chad Poland ’91

Stephen Witmer ’94

Andrew Witmer ’94

Heidi Ryder Bray ’94

Stacy Stitham ’98

Hall of Fame induction (with Rose Award winners)Class of 2013:

Rebecca Maynard ’67

Mark Stitham ’68

Troy Hartley ’82

Lynne Coy-Ogan ’83

Jennifer Hartley ’86

Eric Brown ’89

Tracy Michaud Stutzman ’92

Thomas Allen ’94

2014 Academic Hall of Fame and Rose Award winnersClass of 2014:

Robert Thomas ’56

Peter Van Aken ’59

Louis Campbell ’64

Linda Gammon ’71

Jessica Byam Klein ’80

Kirsten White ’95

Hillary Steinke Caruso ’96

Matthew Rolleston ’02

2015 Academic Hall of Fame and Rose Award winnersClass of 2015:

Frederick Hutchinson ’48

Jane Barker ’53

Wendy Love ’75

Jon Arnold ’98

Matthew Ruby ’01

Harita Reddy ’04

Class of 2016:

Marjorie Devine ’5226882010406_b603b7d8a9_k

Susan Stitham ’61

Gerald Brann ’86

Kipp Larson ’89

Lance Walker ’90

Jennifer Michaud-Finch ’94

Class of 2017:

Myron “Mike” Dean ’47

Nina Tumosa ’69

Jane Hayes Stitham ’73

Daniel Joyce ’77

Albert “Butch” Kinney ’83

Jacob Brooks ’99

Class of 2018:

Nancy Buck Sidell ’64

Frederick Campbell ’65

William Babash ’82

Joshua Iannetta ’96

Heather Steinke Evans ’98

Class of 2019:

Jenifer Ambler ’79

Kelly Larson-Brunner ’91

Radford Tam ’95

Dwight “Tom” Campbell ’97

Dana Frasz ’01

Patrick Lizotte ’02

Class of 2020:

Timothy Blakely ’92

Andy Lizotte ’00

Lisa Margonelli ’83

Dounglas Smith ’68

Class of 2021:

Susan Haber Babash ’62

Katherine Forbes Smith ’92

Rebecca Foreman-Janjic ’89

Tamlyn Frederick ’05

Lois Richards-Pradka ’70

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