Why FA?

Contribute to a Long-Standing Tradition of Excellence.

Foxcroft Academy was established as a private secondary school on January 30, 1823, and it became the first school to be chartered after Maine became a state. 122 Town Academies have come and gone over the past 190 years, and FA is now one of only nine remaining in the state.

Belong to a Tight-Knit Community.

When you come to FA, you’re not just enrolling in a school–you’re joining a community. Students at FA believe in giving back. Varied experiences in community service teach and model giving to others and demonstrate the concept of community stewardship, ideas that are integral to the fulfillment of FA’s mission.

Enjoy Access to Exceptional Facilities, Grounds, and Space.

At FA, we take pride in our beautiful campus setting. Located on 125 acres, campus facilities blend classic with contemporary architecture and include four modern residence halls, five top-notch playing fields, four brand-new tennis courts, an outdoor basketball court, and a main academic complex.

Tap your Full Potential. Harness the Power of Technology.

FA is committed to preparing students to succeed in an increasingly tech-driven educational landscape and was the first high school in the state of Maine to provide an iPad to each and every student. Students passionate about digital arts can choose from a range of courses including filmmaking, photography, and applied media production.

Join a Creative Community. Express Yourself.

At FA, we place great value on creative expression and help provide the necessary tools and resources for our students to explore their full creative potential. Whether your passion is for acting, music, fine arts, cooking, traveling, cheerleading, athletics, or the great outdoors, we will challenge you to defy boundaries and expand your skills. Academically, socially, and recreationally, opportunities to engage are endless.

Learn With the Best.

Faculty excellence is the core of the FA experience, and the teaching does not stop when the day’s final bell rings. Our highly-supportive community of teachers, counselors, coaches, and dorm parents will help you reach your greatest potential.

Get Inspired by the Footsteps of Those Who Walked Before You.

FA provides a solid foundation for our students to achieve great things. Many of our graduates go on to attend the college or university of their choice, and our expansive alumni network comprises successful professionals in virtually every field imaginable.

Expand your Horizons. Follow your Passions.

FA’s challenging curriculum allows you to develop your known interests while exploring new horizons in a safe, supportive environment. Students enjoy an ever-expanding range of curricular offerings including AP courses, math and science, humanities, visual and performing arts, technical education, four world language tracks, and a vibrant ESL program.

Make Yourself at Home. Make Lifelong Friends.

Our caring and dedicated residential life staff promotes a culture of accountability, independence, and self-reliance, enabling boarding students to flourish within the confines of our beautiful campus setting.

Compete to Become a Champion.

FA’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom to the finest playing fields in the region, where our 23 varsity athletic teams have combined to win 21 state titles–11 in the past decade.

Learn the Value of Sportsmanship.

Athletics provide a unique opportunity for molding character, and coaches at FA take pride in having their teams play the game the right way. Referees, fans, and opposing teams have taken notice, and it is no accident that FA has won four coveted Sportsmanship Awards in just the past two years.

Hold Yourself to the Highest Standard.

At FA, the principle that knowledge is power extends beyond the classroom and onto the playing fields, where our dedicated coaches foster a tradition of hard work, respect, and accountability. The FA athletic program will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, experience new things, and ultimately build a strong foundation for a rewarding life–personally and professionally.

Discover What it Means to Be a Global Citizen.

The FA experience unlocks the unique potential of every student, transforming each one into an actively-engaged citizen with the skills to thrive in a rapidly-changing world. With at least 10 countries represented in our student body every year, we are proud to call ourselves a global community.

Learn the Art of Being Yourself.

FA’s intimate learning environment creates a connectedness between students and faculty that promotes student success. Regardless of where you come from or what you study, FA provides a highly-supportive community of teachers, mentors, and peers within a safe and wholesome setting.

Explore the Power of Possibility Thinking.

FA is situated in a picturesque region of Maine and enjoys four distinct seasons. Students enjoy easy access to natural treasures including Baxter State Park, Moosehead Lake, Mount Borestone, and Acadia National Park. From hiking and ice climbing to white water rafting and wilderness excursions, the FA experience is filled with activity and adventure.

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