Legacy Circle

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The Legacy Circle of Foxcroft Academy recognizes, honors, and thanks alumni, parents, and friends who have made direct provisions for Foxcroft Academy in their wills, named FA as beneficiary of a life insurance policy, or included FA in a charitable trust.

Planned gifts to the endowment ensure that Foxcroft Academy will continue to be strong and financially secure for years to come. Gifts to the endowment also allow the Academy to offer a quality of educational programming that exceeds what tuition revenues alone can provide.

The Academy’s current endowment of $3.7 million is no longer adequate to meet the needs of a school its size. As an independent school, the Academy is not eligible for any state capital construction funds; therefore, the endowed funds of the Academy play a critical role in protecting its future.

A bequest or trust of any size qualifies an individual for membership in the Legacy Circle. While the donor is not required to notify the school of the size of the intended gift, donors should note that they may establish a named fund or a restricted purpose fund, and that such intentions should be discussed with the school before establishing the estate plan so that the donor’s wishes can be met. Donors may choose to remain anonymous, but public membership in the Legacy Circle often helps others give further consideration to their own support of this important need.

All planned gifts such as a bequest are added to the school’s permanent endowed fund.  Trustees receive a 5% income distribution from endowed funds annually, leaving the principal intact and growing. Endowed scholarship funds such as Horizon Scholarships and Academic Aspirations Scholarships benefit students while they are still attending Foxcroft Academy.

If you would like more information on the various ways to include the Academy in your estate plans or on how to establish a named endowed fund, please contact Cathy Hall.  If you have already made plans to include the Academy in your estate plan and would like us to include your name in the Legacy Circle, please let us know.

Members of the Legacy Circle

legacy circle2 (web)Priscilla Ames Berberian ’48*
Dr. Alfred Buck
Bessie L. Bush
Herbert & Astrid Peterson Cronin ’54
Joyce Johnston Dean ’50
Walter and Mildred Hall Ebersteen ’32 *
John and Janice Ellery*
Rebecca Rowe Engdahl ’52*
Mary F. Fittig
Berta Washburn Fitzgerald ’39*
Edgar E. Gammon ’47
Paul Gates ’20 and Olive Lee ’23*
Donna Libby Hathaway ’66
Dione Williams Hutchinson ’50
John J. Klimavicz ’53
Frank T. Knaut ’70*
Yoriko McClure
Jim Moir ’62
Barbara Livermore Morrison ’36*
Woodrow Evans Page*
Mabel Washburn Parkman ’41*
Margaret Bradford Patzner ’65
Louis Philpot ’30*
Lois Ward Reynolds ’54
Frederick J. Robbins ’41*
David L. Roberts ’56
Douglas M. Smith ’65
Miriam F. Smith
Kevin & Jane Hayes Stitham ’70, ’73
Stacy O. Stitham ’98
Susan A. Stitham ’61
Muriel Philpot Watson ’25*
Earl M. Wiley ’39
James L. Williams ’51
Judge and Mrs. Matthew Williams*
Betty Wood Wilson ’41

* Indicates deceased

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