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Why does Foxcroft Academy need an Annual Giving Fund?

All contributions made to the Annual Giving Fund have an immediate impact on the education we provide our students. Core academics, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Athletics, and Technology are some of the departments that will benefit from your support, and you are welcome to designate your gift for a specific purpose. Many schools rely upon an Annual Fund to cover more than 10 percent of their operating budget, whereas our Annual Fund currently provides roughly 1.5 percent of our annual operating budget. This figure needs to rise each year if we are to remain competitive.

But Foxcroft Academy now has a boarding program. Doesn’t this provide all the revenue FA needs to operate?

There is a misconception that the revenue generated from tuition enables us to cover all its operating costs. While the tuition for boarding students who attend FA is substantial, it does not cover the actual cost of educating all of the Academy’s students. FA cannot reach its goal of providing a top-flight education without support from outside sources.

Is this to suggest that Foxcroft Academy aspires to model itself after a typical elitist private school?

Absolutely not. 195 years after its founding, Foxcroft Academy exists as one of only nine remaining private academies in Maine that serves the public trust as part of its mission. The Academy is and always will be committed to serving students from Piscataquis County. That said, there is no reason why we should not strive to provide an education on par with the nation’s most distinguished independent schools.

I can only afford to make a small donation. Should I even bother?

Yes, please do! Every tax-deductible gift goes a long way. We aim to increase the participation rate as well as the actual size of the Annual Fund. Participation in the Annual Fund (at any level) demonstrates that you have an abiding faith in the work of the Academy and helps establish a culture of giving.

I have questions that are not answered here. Who should I contact?

If you have additional questions or would like information about volunteering for the Annual Fund, please call or email Cathy Hall, the Academy’s Alumni Officer, at (207) 564-6542 or

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