2020-21 Foxcroft Academy Alumni Class Challenge


Life is a marathon, not a sprint. That was the idea when we began the Foxcroft Academy Class Challenge two years ago.  We called it the “Pony Race”, and the first three years have been a resounding success.  We give you a year, and your class has the opportunity to “race” for a good cause, your school, Foxcroft Academy.  Year one, it was the Class of 1952. Year two went to the Class of 1965, and year three went to the Class of 1957!  

With everything going on in the world, a spirited competition can help take your mind off things.  That’s what we saw as the 2019-20 Foxcroft Academy Alumni Class Challenge recently can to an end.  The Pony Race was fast and furious, but in the end, congratulations to the Class of 1966!  They were the first to reach their class goal of $1,966, and they won the overall race, raising $4,612!  Finishing in second place was the Class of 1971 at $3,620, followed by the Class of 1994 at $3,312.  Amid a pandemic, your Pony Pride showed through. And on a side note, none of these totals include any money donated to our “Building on Tradition” capital campaign, so we can’t thank you enough!  So, thanks to all that gave during the last giving cycle.  We are on to 2020-21!  The race begins again! 

Get involved. We’d love to be talking about your class next year. To get a jump start on the new Pony Race, give today!

Class of 1965 is presented with the Pony Race Trophy during the 2018 Alumni Banquet

Class of 1952 winning the inaugural “Pony Race”

Cathy Hall and Arnold Shorey hold the “Pony Cup”, given to the winner of the Pony Race.

Here is a report from our mascot Oakie:

The 2020-21 Pony Race/Class Challenge is heating up, and the Class of 1966 has already surpassed their goal of $1,966 on 10/29/20.  Don’t let them win my coveted Pony Race trophy again this year for raising the most dollars!! 

There are two parts to the race:  the first class to reach their goal and the class that raises the most dollars.  In each of those classes, donors will receive an FA memento and a Pony Pass signed by me, allowing free attendance to all Alumni Weekend events this summer (excluding the Golf Scramble)!

Through 12/31/20, coming in at second place is the Class of 1965, and in third is the Class of 1995.  Join the race today with a gift in honor of our outstanding faculty, who have gone above and beyond to help our students throughout this pandemic. OR you can give in honor of me!

Be sure to watch FA’s website and Facebook page for race progress.  #rideonponies

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