2018 Foxcroft Academy Alumni Class Challenge

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. The same can be said for the 2017-18 Foxcroft Academy Alumni Pony Race. It started on July 1st, 2017 and ended 365 days later on June 30th, 2018. Several classes held the lead during that time, but in the end, one class was a cut above the rest.

A big congratulations goes out to the Class of 1965. Not only were they the first class to raise the amount of money as their class year ($1,965), they also gave the most overall with a total of $7,125, and they had the most total gifts! The Class of 1992 finished 2nd, and the Class of 1968 finished third. This was a very strong showing! In fact, 14 classes reached their goal this year….very impressive! The Class of 1965 will be awarded the Pony Race Trophy at the 2018 Alumni Banquet on August 4th.

If your class didn’t win, there is good news. The race has started again, and runs until June 30th, 2019!! Get involved. We’d love to be talking about your class next year. To get a jump start on the new Pony Race, give today at: https://www.foxcroftacademy.org/…/giving-to-the-foxcroft-f…/.

We look forward to seeing all of you Alumni Weekend! Ride on home, Ponies! #rideonponies #FAAlumniWeekend

Class of 1952 winning the inaugural “Pony Race”

Cathy Hall and Arnold Shorey hold the “Pony Cup”, given to the winner of the Pony Race.


Details on the 2018 FA Alumni Class Challenge!

Who doesn’t like a little challenge in their life?  This year, leading up to our annual FA Day of Giving (5/3/18), we are challenging all classes to raise the total amount of their class year! For example the class of 1994 would need to raise $1,994.00 which would mean that each classmate for that class would need to donate a small portion of that amount based on how many classmates are in your class (see picture at bottom of post for reference).

The members of the class that reaches their goal first will each receive a PRIZE and a PONY PASS which allows free attendance to all alumni weekend events this summer!

The class that raises the most will receive the Pony Race Trophy which will be engraved and displayed at FA, additionally each class donor will receive a PRIZE and PONY PASS!

The winners will be announced on 6/30/18!!

If you would like your class gift to also count towards our FA Day of Giving, you can make your donation on May 3rd!  Giving has never felt so good!!  So, LET THE COMPETITION BEGIN!!

Follow this link to donate and for more info on prizes and dates!



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