FA and the Community

race to end domestic violence

Foxcroft Academy enjoys a strong partnership with the surrounding community and requires all students to perform a minimum number of hours of community service each year, totaling 36 hours by graduation. A community service requirement provides a valuable experience and is integral to the fulfillment of FA’s mission for its students. Varied experiences in community service teach and model giving to others and demonstrate the concept of community stewardship.

In 2013, Head of School Arnold Shorey announced that students who amass more than 100 total hours of community service will receive a Community Service Award and earn special distinction at their graduation ceremony. In total, the Class of 2017 accumulated over 11,000 community service hours during their four years at FA, and these students from the Class  topped the 100-hour mark: Grace Bickford, Abbi Bourget, Alli Bourget, Camille Bozzelli, Caleb Buerger, Logan Butera, Mariaisabel Cedeno, Erika Chadbourne, Evan Chadbourne, Henry Chase, Amanda Feix, Conner Johnson, Samuel Libby, Crystal Macomber, Mason Merrill, Andrew Miles, Raven Nally, Bonnie Page, Ethan Poland, Alexandria Scuderi, Taylor Smith, Emily Sprecher, Hannah Vainio, Xin Wu, Congshu Yang, Songqi Yang.  Foxcroft Academy and the surrounding community sincerely thank these students for their exemplary work over the past four years!

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