A Letter from Mr. Shorey regarding the opening of the 2020-21 school year

September 4, 2020

Here is a letter from Mr. Shorey to Foxcroft Academy Students & Parents regarding the first week of school. #rideonponies

Dear FA Students & Parents,

I would like to congratulate everyone on a very successful start to the school year, and I hope to build on this early momentum to continue in-person instruction. I am addressing this email to students and parents because it takes all of us working together to ensure that we safely offer in-person instruction. We are all learning new COVID-19 good habits: pre-screening at home every morning, wearing a face mask, washing our hands, and maintaining six feet of physical distancing. Learning new practices is difficult, and everyone is making an effort. The students are doing a great job of wearing their face masks, and I would say that physical distancing is the area that we are continually reminding the students to practice. We know this takes time.

A reminder that if a student drives or receives a ride to school in the morning, it would be advantageous to arrive as close to 7:55am as possible. This way, the student doesn’t need to sit either in the gym, lobby, or cafeteria to maintain the six-foot distance waiting for school to begin.

I am so proud of the students and the sense of community as we all work together following the CDC guidelines, keeping everyone as safe as possible. Thank you to all for all the sacrifices that you are making and keep up the efforts.

Outside of that, please have a relaxing Labor Day weekend,

Mr. Arnold Shorey
FA Head of School

** Just a reminder of next week’s schedule **

Monday, September 7th – Labor Day – No School

Tuesday & Wednesday, September 8th & 9th – Pony Cohort Days

Thursday & Friday, September 10th & 11th – Pride Cohort Days

** School pictures are on Wednesday and Thursday for the respective cohorts **