Stacy Stitham: Class of 1998

June 1, 2012

While at FA, Stacy Stitham was a U.S. Presidential Scholar, the president of Student Council and the National Honor Society, and a three-time First Place winner at the Maine State Science Fair. She also won the Princeton Book Award, served as a co-captain of the Scott Hi-Q Team, and participated in the drama program for four years (named MVP her senior year).

Stacy graduated magna cum laude with an A.B. in History and Literature from Harvard College, where she also received the John Harvard Scholarship for Academic Achievement of the Highest Distinction and the Harvard College Scholarship for Academic Excellence. She then headed straight to Harvard Law School, where she earned her J.D. (cum laude) and served as a senior editor for the Harvard Environmental Law Review and a staff member for the Harvard Human Rights Journal.

Stacy spent one year as a judicial law clerk to a federal district judge in Bangor and in 2006 became a litigation attorney Brann & Isaacson (Lewiston), where she is now a partner. She focuses on intellectual property and tax litigation on behalf of leading internet retailers and e–commerce firms. She has published a number of legal articles and also acts as co–counsel pro bono for Natural Resources Council of Maine in federal and state administrative proceedings and litigation to protect Maine’s environment and natural resources.

How did your time at FA contribute to your success later in life?

“What I most appreciated about Foxcroft Academy during my time there was the strong, supportive community spirit that I encountered. As a “semi-private” institution, in the late 1990s, Foxcroft straddled the needs of the local community as well as those of students from outside the district limits—hailing from Harmony, Maine to Berlin, Germany and beyond. The result was an environment that was more open to change and to new ways of doing things, and one which took significant pride in fostering the athletic, artistic, and academic achievements of its students. At the time, Foxcroft may not have had every advanced placement course for the taking, just as it may not have had the bandwidth to include on its roster every club and after school activity one could dream up. But its breadth of offerings was (and remains) unparalleled in central/northern Maine, and, even above and beyond those offerings, the faculty and administration were always willing to listen, and to provide independent study support or club assistance, to those students with an eagerness to expand their opportunities and horizons—Dawn MacPherson-Allen’s AIDS Team springs to mind. So, Gary Larson may not have been entirely sure what I was up to with that open Calculus II book in the back of his AP Calculus course, and Rusty Willette and I never quite synced our schedules during my independent study of European History – but I am indebted to both of them, and to the many other faculty members and administrators who supported me during my years of attendance. Likewise, I’ll never forget the genuine enthusiasm and shared pride that the student body took in each academic accomplishment. That, far more than any particular award or recognition, is what I remember about Foxcroft.”