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Dear Parents and Students,

The information contained within the Academics portion of our website illuminates the significant depth and diversity of opportunity provided by our curriculum for our community of learners. A pioneer in the State of Maine in both standards-based academics and iPad integration, Foxcroft Academy strives to articulate clearly the learning outcomes that we expect all students to achieve and to provide students with the support needed to get there. The Academy’s graduation requirements, including proficiency-based course credits, a digital portfolio, library reading, and community service are designed to instill in our students the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that will help them become valued and valuable global citizens.

In order to achieve these lofty goals, students and parents must take an active and ongoing role in planning and navigating the road to earning a Foxcroft Academy diploma. To that end, please study our academic system closely, so that you can leverage the opportunities within to as much personal and community benefit as possible. We strongly encourage you to ask us questions and let us know when you need support along the way. We hope that the educational experience at Foxcroft Academy will be but a prelude to life-long learning, fulfillment, and success.


Jonathan Pratt

Assistant Head of School for Academics

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