2018 Foxcroft Academy Flag Ceremony – 20 Nations Represented!

September 14, 2018

During Friday morning assembly, FA students were treated to our annual Flag Ceremony.  During the ceremony, students were able hear more about the countries represented in our hallways this year. For school year 2018-19, 20 countries are represented by over 500 students and faculty members. Here is what our students and staff had to say about their countries:

Armenia (Anna) – I am representing Armenia. On our flag the red stands for the blood of the 1.5 million Armenians killed in the Armenian Genocide, blue is for the  pure sky, and orange represents the country’s courage.

China (Botai)I am from The people’s republic of China, Henan, Zhengzhou. In 10 days, Mid Autumn festival is upcoming. It is one of the most important festival in Chinese culture. In this festival we eat moon cakes and watch the moon with our family or people we care. Because in Chinese lunar calendar the moon is the biggest on this day of the year. So on September 24th,make sure you say 中秋节快乐 which means Happy mid Autumn festival to the people you care.Thank you

大家好 我叫周博泰,我来自中国,俺是河南郑州人。中秋节就要来了,作为中国文化最重要的传统节日之一,在那一天人们喜欢和亲人们在一起吃月饼赏月。因为在阴历中月亮在这一天是最圆最大的。所以在9月24号,请向你关心的人说声中秋节快乐 谢谢。

Dominican Republic (Yureily) – I am representing the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is the only country in the world to have an image of the Holy Bible on its national flag.

Ecuador (Luis) – I am representing the country of Ecuador. Ecuador is one of only two countries in South America that does not share a border with Brazil.

Egypt (Youssef) – I am representing Egypt. The black on the Egyptian flag represents oppression, red represents the bloody struggle against oppression, and the white is symbolic of a bright future.

El Salvador (Gaby)– Hello, my name is Ms.Henderson. I am representing the country of El Salvador. There are more than 20 volcanoes in El Salvador, two of which are active.

Germany (Louis) – I am representing Germany. The area of Germany is 357km2, which is roughly half the size of Texas.

Hong Kong (Ashley) – I am representing Hong Kong. In Hong Kong over 90% of the people take public transportation, which carries five million passengers daily.

Indonesia (Sekton) – I am representing Indonesia. Indonesia is made up of 18,307 islands and it has the second longest coastline in the world.

Italy (Sara) – I am representing Italy. There are two independent states within Italy: the Republic of San Marino and the Vatican City.

Jamaica (Shadane) – I am representing Jamaica. Jamaica was the first country in the western world to construct a railway.

Kazakhstan (Aida)On the left corner, there is Kazakh national pattern which stands for cultural unity. The sun on the clear blue sky represents energy and prosperity. And the golden eagle under it symbolizes strength.

Korea (Sehee) – I am representing the country of South Korea. In South Korea, when a baby is born, they are considered one year old.

Malaysia (Najla) – I am representing Malaysia. In Malaysia, there is a traditional dressing called the Baju Kurung for the ladies which is a loose tunic worn over a long skirt and for the guys it’s called the baju melayu which is a long sleeve shirt worn over a pair of trousers.

Mexico (Jair) – Hello, my name is Jair, and I am representing Mexico.

Poland (Eliasz) – Hello, my name is Eliasz, and I will be representing Poland.

Russia (Andrei) – I am representing Russia. Привет всем Hello every one My name is Andrei and I am from Russia.Today I will tell you about  flag of my country. White color symbolizes nobility and openness. Blue color – faithfulness, honesty, impeccability. Red is courage, and love.  Белый цвет символизирует благородство и открытостьСиний цвет — верность, честность, безупречность Красный цвет — мужество, смелость, и любовь

Singapore (Dayita)– I am representing Singapore. Singapore is a “fine” country which means that most of the things you do will be fined such as jaywalking, littering, grafitti, and worse, gum. No gum is allowed in Singapore.

Vietnam (Kevin) – I am representing the country of Vietnam. Fansipan, also known as The Roof of Indochina, is the highest mountain peak in the region 3,143 meters tall. Vietnam’s the home to the largest cave in the world Son Doong.

USA (Mark) – I am representing the United States of America. We have the largest population of boarding students of any country in the world.

For photos of today’s FA Flag Ceremony, go to: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmixF2Hj. #rideonponies