16 Foxcroft Academy Students Honored as 2017 Rose Award Recipients

May 3, 2017

On Wednesday, May 3rd, a special assembly was held at Foxcroft Academy to announce the Class of 2017’s outstanding scholars at its annual FA Rose Award ceremony. This year, the recipients were: Brianna Adkins, Camille Bozzelli, Caleb Buerger, William Casey, Erika Chadbourne, Hannah Fishburn, Joseph Gilbert, Marie Hartung, Rose Kreider, Bonnie Page, Chandler Rockwell, Alexandria Scuderi, Taylor Smith, Emily Sprecher, Dingying Zhang, and Wenduo Zhang.

The Rose Awards were established in 1931 when Mr. Frank G. Stone was head of Foxcroft Academy. Rose Award recipients have accumulated a grade point average that places them in the top 15 percent of the permanent students in their class. For the 32nd consecutive year, a medallion with the Foxcroft Academy seal will be presented to the recipients in addition to the traditional rose. These medallions will be presented on May 5th in conjunction with the induction ceremony for the sixth class of the Foxcroft Academy Academic Hall of Fame.  Mrs. Priscilla White, former FA English teacher and librarian who retired after 36 years of service, and Mr. Robert Beek, who taught mathematics at FA for 33 years, conceived the idea for this permanent award, and contributed funds to have the die cast for the medallion, which has now become a permanent part of the annual ceremony.

For pictures of the ceremony, check out our Flick page, https://flic.kr/s/aHskUcyVFQ.